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We offer the termite control services in Johor Area for both residential and business properties. Our team will take the responsibility to find out and solve the root cause of your pest problems. Whether the coverage is high or low, we cover it all.

Why Using Termite Baiting System Instead

By using the baiting system, small amounts of insectiside are deployed  to knock out the populations of termites foraging in and around the area. Termites consume the bait and share it with their nest mates, resulting in a gradual decline in termite numbers.

Our baits ingredients includes the Chlorfluazuron and Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor where these two hormones will stops the termite’s vital molting process and the termite’s growth.

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How to spot Termites?

Termites mostly feed on dead plant material and cellulose, generally in the form of wood, leaf litter, soil or animal dung.

To find out them, you could:

  • inspect the blisters in wood flooring.
  • found hollowed or damaged wood.
  • found discarded termites wings.
  • found pencil-sized mud tubes wherever the ground meets your house or any other possible food source like a tree or shed.
  • found dry wood termite droppings.

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