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Facing Rodent Disaster?

Rats & Rodent, especially F&B Retailers should take note!

Propest would be your best solution. We offered specialized services to solve your pest problem from the root.

Rodent Control Services For Your Business Properties

We offer the Rodent control services in Johor Area for both residential and business properties especially for the F&B retailers. Our team will take the responsibility to find out and solve the root cause of your pest problems. Whether the coverage is high or low, we cover it all.

Rodent TRBS method

The TRBS method is also known as the Tamper Resistant Bait Station typically for rodents control services. As the rodenticide is used as the bait, the “tamper-resistant” bait station are able to resist them to the children, pets, non-target animals and etc.

Our TRBS method are also under the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) standard which means that our services is always economical and environmental friendly.

Free Inspection
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Usual Appearance for Rodent

  • Restaurants
  • Industrial area and Manifacturer area premise with over 50 people
  • Managed gated guarded residential

Timeframe for Rodent Control

One-time job followed by 3~7 days inspection to make sure their existence.

Price Calculation

Depends on planning of area size and equipment usage.

What will happen if the rodent are not handled properly?

Rodents eating and spoiling the food that stored by humans and spreading diseases.
If it does not being handled properly, it might cause the sabotage of environment, the spreading of disease, illness and hygiene issue.

People are being adviced to ask for professional support also when facing rodents issues as health issue might occurs upon on applying chemicals wrongly by your own.

How to settle up with Rodent?

Rodents are social animals. Most of them eat seeds or other plant material and some have more varied diets. The well-known rodents are mice and rats.

To settle up them, we helps you to:

  • Have inspection around your area.
  • Find out the holes to cover.
  • Put around glue board to capture.
  • Provide Rodent TRBS method service with HACCP standard.

Here to know more about Rodents!

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