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Cockroaches Control Service

Are you looking for cockroaches control in Johor Area?

Propest will be your best solution. We offered specialized services to solve your pest problem from the root.

Cockcroaches Control Services For Your Home and Business Properties

We offer cockcroaches control services in Johor Area for both residential and business properties. Our team will take the responsibility to find out and solve the root cause of your pest problems. Whether the coverage is high or low, we cover it all.

Using Chemical Spray and
Gel Bait
to solve your problem.

By using the chemical spray and gel bait method, we are able to solve your cockroaches disaster effectively as this method helps to spread the pesticides from roach to roach and throughout the colony, reducing the population from within and resulting in a quicker kill.

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Type of Cockcroaches

Two types of cockcroaches in Malaysia.

  • American
  • German

Usual Appearance for Cockcroaches

  • Restaurants
  • Industrial area and Manifacturer area premise with over 50 people
  • Managed gated guarded residential

Timeframe for Cockcroaches Control

One-time job followed by 30 days inspection to make sure their existence.

Price Calculation

By per job basis.

What will happen if the cockcroaches are not handled properly?

Cockroaches are a kind of insects. They are common and hardy insects, and can tolerate a wide range of environments from Arctic cold to tropical heat. Cockroaches feed on human’s or pet’s food and can leave an offensive smell. 
If it does not being handled properly, it might cause the sabotage of environment, the spreading of disease, illness and hygiene issue.

How to settle up with cockcroaches?

Cockroaches can burrow into human ears, causing pain and hearing loss. They can passively transport pathogenic microbes on their body surfaces. Cockroaches are linked with allergic reactions in humans.

To find out them, you could:

  • inspect around your area especially the warm area.
  • inspect around the humid and dark places.
  • beware for any food crumbs or scraps in your area.
  • beware for grabage and garbage disposals area.

Here to know more about Cockcroaches!

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