After the virus outbreak, everyone gets to know that bats carry toxins.

If you hear noise on the roof, it may be rats, bats, or birds.

The bacteria and viruses will spread throughout the house if you can’t get rid of them, which is very dangerous.

What are bats?

·      Bats are the only mammals that can fly. Besides characteristics of mammals, bats also have the characteristics that adapt flight mode.

·      Bats are colourful, but most of them are brown, grey and black.

·      Bats have very weak eyesight, but they are good in hearing. This enable them fly and catch their target accurately in dark environment.

·      There are 962 types of bats, only 3 types feed on blood.

·      Bats usually inhabit caves of all sizes, ancient buildings, ceilings, partition walls, tree holes, rock cracks, and more.

What does bats cause?

·      Bats are natural hosts for many zoonotic viruses. It can carry dozens of viruses and are not edible.

·      In year 2003, SARS have caused among 919 people death, and SARS is caused by a kind of bats which called Chinese Horseshoe Bat.

·      Bats are also the source of rabies virus.

·      Bats are also the source of Nipah virus.

·      2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) found from some bat species.

·       2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) had caused more than 4000 people death, and COVID-19 is still spreading, and the number of deaths is still increasing.

How to find out?

·      Find bat’s dropping in the house

·      Inspect attic or wine cellar at home

·      Smell of excrement smell in a dark place at home


·      Use mothball. The smell of mothball can prevent the bats back to their nest, but this solution needs to use many times.

·       Use spray that can drive out cats and dogs. Spout the spray at where the bats hang. This solution needs to use in daytime when the bats are not going out.

·      Hang balloons, foil or paper strips and let them flutter in the wind。

·      Open all doors and windows, let the bats inside the house go out.


·      Ensure all entries of house are closed in night.

·      Ensure the house always bright, especially in night.

·      Ensure the house cleanliness, to prevent pests attract bats come into the house.

·      Never destroy bat’s habitat.


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