As the pandemic impact (COVID-19) hits on our land in a sudden.

We urge to recommend every residential or industrial area to be disinfected before accessing.

Our disinfection service utilizing RELYON VIRKON disinfectant, from LANXESS.
As this was the disinfectant that applied in Wuhan few months ago, so we are confident with this brand and product.
Here is some further details of the product in “Safety Data Sheet”.
We assured you the quality and effectiveness of our service.

Protect Your Family With ProPest Solution

Our Disinfection Misting Service removes bacteria and viruses from your premise with direct treatment,

air-borne bacteria/ viruses, including residential homes, offices, hospitals,

schools, hotels, kindergartens, shopping Malls, childcare centres, public areas.

Book with us now, as we are serving first come first serve basis.

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 016-726 7578 (Celine)

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