What are cockroaches?

Cockroaches are a kind of insects. About 30 cockroach species out of 4,600 are associated with human habitats. About four species are well known as pests. They are common and hardy insects, and can tolerate a wide range of environments from Arctic cold to tropical heat. Cockroaches feed on human’s or pet’s food and can leave an offensive smell. Cockroaches can live for a few days to up to a month without food.

What does cockroaches cause?

Cockroaches can burrow into human ears, causing pain and hearing loss. They can passively transport pathogenic microbes on their body surfaces. Cockroaches are linked with allergic reactions in humans. The allergic reactions are also linked with asthma. About 60% of asthma patients in Chicago are also sensitive to cockroach allergens.

How to find out?

Cockroaches grow best in warm condition, especially in areas where the temperature exceeds 70° Fahrenheit. They absolutely love humid and dark places. Cockroaches run away from bright light, which means you are hardly to find them crawling out in the open on a sunny summer day. Even if there are a lot of cockroaches in a room, once you turn on a light, they will hide them up. If there are food crumbs or scraps inside your home, possibility you can find found any cockroaches. They are also attracted to garbage and garbage disposals. This is because that is where a food ends up. When you found any cockroach droppings in your house, that means your house was qualify to attract cockroaches.


First, gel bait is an effective cockroach killer. Gel bait usually comes in the form of a tube and can be applied under baseboards, in cracks and crevices, and near areas that are most likely to attract roaches. While gel bait can be effective in getting rid of roaches, it can also result in a number of dead roaches lying around your home. Second, used of bait station is the most efficient way to solve cockroach problem in house. Bait stations work by attracting cockroaches into stations to feed on the poison. The poisoned cockroach then travels back to its home location, dies and is eaten by the other cockroaches, further passing on the poison.


To prevent cockroach visits your sweet home, firstly you should keep your house clean. Second, focus on the kitchen. For example, never leave food out overnight, wash dirty dishes daily. Third, store all food in sealed containers. This is because cockroaches can fit inside the openings of typical cardboard packages that food comes in. Forth, empty the trash every night. Last but not least, remove anything roaches can use for shelter, such as cardboard and paper.

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